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Eye-In Media is a marketing and technology company that specializes in the development and implementation of comprehensive communications strategy solutions such as digital signage and presence marketing via public Wi-Fi networks. Eye-In Media develops Eye-Intelligence, Eye-Inspire and Eye-In Storyboard, cutting-edge software that revolutionizes your communication strategies.
Since 2003, Eye-In Media has consistently invested in R & D to provide innovative solutions for marketing and IT managers. We are recognized in the industry and by our customers, not only as a service provider, but also as an always present and active business partner, whose goal is to ensure the continuity and growth of your communication strategies.

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Notre boutique en ligne / Site web : Eye In Media
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Adresse : 1 Westmount Square, suite 600
Code Postal : H3Z 2P9
Ville : Montreal
Région : Montréal
Téléphone : (514) - 395 - 9327
Site Web : Eye In Media
Courriel : info@eyeinmedia.com




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