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SansStress Mobile Car Wash & Detailing | Montreal Laval


SansStress is a premier provider of mobile car wash and car detailing services in Montreal. Offering convenience and expertise right at your doorstep, we transform your vehicle into an impeccable masterpiece, both inside and out. For a stress-free, superior car wash experience, choose SansStress.
Our comprehensive exterior services encompass professional hand wash, 1-step paint polishing, rim faces & tires detail, and ceramic protection. These services rejuvenate your car’s exterior, giving it a new-vehicle shine.
Equally meticulous is our approach to the interior of your vehicle. We provide full wipe-down disinfection, double vacuuming, detailed floor mats and trunk cleaning, and comprehensive stain and spot treatment. Additional services like leather conditioner treatment and salt removal ensure a comfortable, clean, and hygienic interior.
At SansStress, we appreciate that your car is more than a vehicle; it’s an extension of your persona. Trust us to protect and enhance this valuable asset, promising unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.

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Adresse : 1375 Alexis-Nihon Blvd
Code Postal : H4R 0H3
Ville : Saint-Laurent
Région : Montréal
Téléphone : (514) 568 - 5833
Site Web : SansStress Mobile Car Wash & Detailing | Montreal Laval
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